About Alice 

I’m a single mom. I know hardship and I know grit.

I also know hard work. No one gets anywhere without it. I’ve trained myself to stay in motion in order to be able to look at adversity in the eye and move past it. I’m a fighter. But I’m also a nurturer. With all my past experiences, I have the skills to maneuver through rough spots while maintaining grace. I also have a lot of empathy.

My experience as a theatre director and actress really honed my communication skills. If you can’t communicate to your actors what you want them to do without giving them a line reading, you won’t be a very effective director and your show won’t be as powerful as it can be.

My first Muay Thai kickboxing fight gave me the grit and courage I have today. As a novice fighter, I trained for three months for a national tournament. I trained three hours a day. It was grueling. It was lonely. There were so many exhausting days where I looked squarely at the face of fear. Exhaustion can eat you alive. It dampens your ability to remain steadfast. It shakes you emotionally to the core. It creates a negative filter around your entire sense of your life. Through it all, I knew I had to remain courageous. If I fell, I had to stand up again and again and again.

Through all of these experiences, I have come to be the mediator I am today. I bring grit, courage, empathy and compassion to all my clients. In a world where there is so much chaos and conflict, I work tirelessly with my clients to bring a little more comfort and peace into their lives.
When I am not working with clients, you can find me enjoying hanging out with my two boys, who remind me every day what life and love should look like.

Board Member: Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center
ADR Executive Committee Member for Alameda County Bar Association
Barristers Executive Committee Member for Alameda County Bar Association
Artists UnitedThe Mediation Society
San Francisco Bar Association
Asian American Bar Association
Alameda County Bar AssociationAcademy of Professional Family Mediators
Business Networking International
Attorney Action Club
Polka Dot Powerhouse
Mediation Panels
San Francisco Bar Association
Conflict Intervention Services
California Superior Court County of Alameda Day-of-Court
Department of Police Accountability
Arts Arbitration and Mediation

ADR Training
Mediation Certificate from Ron Kelly at the San Francisco Bar Association
Arbitration Certificate from Ron Kelly at the San Francisco Bar Association
Mediation Training by Arts Arbitration and Mediation
Crossing the Cultural Divide in Mediation by Nina Mierding
Outstanding Volunteer 2017
Wiley E. Manuel Certificate for Pro Bono Legal Services