I highly recommend Alice Shikina, she's an amazing, professional and patient mediator. Her intelligence and way to help the parties understand each other's viewpoint then to facilitate the resolution to the case is just something that you are looking for.

L. Leal

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Alice has been very helpful in guiding me through some challenges I was having with my ex, we were not officially divorced so we did not have a lot in writing and could not come to an agreement on a parenting schedule. Alice was so thoughtful and really helped me ask the right questions to find out what was motivating some of the decisions. She is balanced and makes sure both sides have an opportunity to be heard. Mediation really helped and saved us a lot in attorney fees. I hope we have resolved our challenges, but if other issues come up I won't hesitate to request Alice's services.

Nikki H.

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I've had the great pleasure of working with Alice on a non-profit board. We are on the membership committee together and all of the personal challenges in the nonprofit come to us. Time and time again I've been impressed by Alice's great skills and navigating difficult problems and conflicts. We have come to rely on her steady strengths and skills.

When you have a conflict between people who you cannot fire think of Alice Shikina.

Sam L.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

This was a small claims action between two siblings that concerned the death of their father.  First off I was unaware Alameda County offers this service at the beginning of the hearing.  There is no charge.  If the matter settles great, if not, the parties can return and have their case heard.

Obviously this was a very personal matter because it involved my sister and the terms of my father's will.  To jump to the chase Alice took an explosive, volatile and personal matter and through her hard work and patience was able to resolve the matter.  She also allows the parties to vent but will step in if things get out of hand.

My only suggestion is that she not allow non-parties that are not parties to the action to remain in the mediation unless it is approved by all  parties.  I felt as if I was at a disadvantage as my sister's long term domestic partner was allowed to participate in the mediation.  His opinion is biased and oftentimes I felt as though I were at a disadvantage. 
Admittedly part of that is on me and I should have put my foot down and told him to leave but I was thinking on raw emotion.  I work for a law firm and my co-workers were surprised she allowed a non-party to sit in during the mediation.

Thank you settling the matter Alice.

Estelle S.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

As with all of the other reviewers, I am very happy with Alice.

I was positive that mediation could not be achieved with the plaintiff as years of conflict existed between us. Alice however, proved me wrong -- and we thankfully were able to get by all the emotion; and reach a solution where everyone was satisfied. It helped that I wanted a solution, but then pride gets in the way, sometimes it is unsurmountable.

Because Alice works hard to remain neutral, pride and anger does not surface (much), and since most parties are usually tired of fighting; she can employ wise guidance, and the effort can lead to agreement.

Alice has a gift, which is a gift finer than gold. Thank you Alice!

Lorraine S.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Alice brought what was a horrible war of attrition with a vicious landlord to a calm and relatively painless end. She works with great diplomacy and poise. She is able to explain the process and the alternative solutions very clearly and concisely. Alice is warm, compassionate and drama - free.  I recommend her highly.

Alexandra M.

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