Family Disputes

If you and a family member are having trouble communicating or agreeing on important matters, mediation is a great way to ensure you are heard by the other side. I can help facilitate the conversation, so that it stays healthy and productive.


Divorces are messy and emotional. Communication is also difficult at this stage. I keep all parties focused on the issues which need resolution and help you through these difficult times. I work hard to get to consensus and still keep everyone's dignity intact.

Personal Injury
Personal injury lawsuits can be fraught with emotions, driven by on-going pain, disability and death. I work empathetically with both sides to bring people to a successful resolution.



If you are a landlord or a tenant and are having issues or are dealing with an eviction, mediation is the fastest and most affordable option out there. I have mediated hundreds of hours of landlord/tenant cases and am very familiar with the issues on both sides.

Non-Profit Board Disputes

If you are on a board of directors and find that a conflict with another member is preventing the organization from moving in a forward direction, you may want to consider mediation. In addition, I offer leadership training and communication skills training.